My obvious tricks for a Wonderlic Test

As searching for a new job i bumped into the information as there is a nice and fast test to check the IQ of a human being. The task is to answer 50 should be easy questions, like:

A gallon of gas costs $3.80. How many gallons of gas can be purchased with $19?

Which number is less: 0,1  0,09  1,01  2,1?

So there was a guy who asked weather he is stupid as he filled this test out but he failed to get good scores. In 12 minutes he could finish only around 25 questions. Unfortunately this caused him to not to get the desired job.

So i made some googling and found this site where i could fill out not the original but a really similar test. Click to check.

Here anyone gets their scores (range is 1-50) and an NFL football player’s name who actually had the same result like them in the Wonderlic test. Seemed fun, i gave it a go.

It was actually fun, but i was slooooow. My special weakness was that I always felt bad when i got to the parts where the test asked for “which word is different to the others” or “are words X and Y opposite?”. I usually tend to say i speak fluent English but obviously this is not my mother language so at these parts i was able to get close to a meditation state. Although, there were questions as well for which only the reading of the question took almost a minute.. So whatever, the clock was ticking against me. After filling out my first test and reaching to the same amount of questions like the guy i red about i thought, okay, let’s do it with another state of mind.

So i restarted the test, this time i was just playing and my main goal was to answer ALL the questions, no matter all the answer are correct or not. When i got an easy question, i took the minimal effort and searched for the good answer. When a harder question came across me, i still tried to decide fast but if i couldn’t i followed my heart and made a decision. When i realized immediately that the question is hard for me i just picked a random answer. Also when i saw the question is too long for even reading.. random answer.

So finally i achieved 32 at my second trial which is in fact above the average. (Of course, i just made a very bad result before..) So maybe many answers of mine were random, finally i had ~25% chance at those answers. Comparing my first try when i did not answer 26 questions in fact i lost at least 6,5 extra points.

For second idea, i would like to say that this test also needs the “American way of thinking”. Have you heard about the typical math final exams that USA citizens have at high school? (Let’s say) easy questions and possible answers to choose of. Many cases it is needless to count the whole task. For example if the task is to choose which is the result of 753951*5 and there are four possibilities: a-3769755, b-2769753, c-3769753 and d-2769755 then the answer is a because the result must start at least with 3 million and has to and with 5. This also helped me to collect my points.

Finally, if anybody wants to get good result, the best thing i can suggest is to practice. Do the tests till you reach the desired performance!

Meanwhile, i think this test is useless for counting IQs. It should be taken as a game instead. So i am really sorry for the guy loosing the job because of this nonsense. He should have asked the contact person of the job offer to play a 2048 instead!


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